King Triton’s Funk

Some funky riffs with the help of my mom’s piano.

Holy Spirit (RYTHMC Remix)

Remix of an Eddie Amador track I found while doing some digging.


Techie ( Static IP address)

Alternative IP address (Mix) for this original track

Techie (Original Mix)

RYTHMC’s Workout Mix 2013

Yeah, Around the World

Mashup: Daft Punk vs. Usher ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris

Game of Thrones Remix

Beefed up, and added drum & bass to this theme…

Scream & Shout (RYTHMC’s Acid Remix)

Felt this one would be sweet as an Acid Remix

Electro Tube (Original Mix)

Original prog house track. Makes me think of Phish, mixed with Blue Man Group, Mixed with Womp.

Go America (all over everyone’s ass)

Greatest samples ever for this original… Thanks Joel and Charlie!




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